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This Deluxe “Plus” Edition Includes Bonus Videos:

  • Stream or Download the Movie in HD or SD
  • Choose between 5.1 Surround Sound or Stereo
  • The Making of an Art Film
  • An Interview with Actor Larry Strauss
  • The Great Smokies
  • Trailer
  • A PDF of the Screenplay

Psychological Drama | 87 mins | Directed by Kevin K. Shah

Married 40 years and can’t take another day.
William would rather die than change.
Julie is going to help.

A 40 year old marriage stuck in a perpetual downward spiral leads to a life-altering epiphany about the true value of life for a depressed housewife and her terminally cantankerous husband. Pushed to a mental breaking point by her ornery husband’s oppressively negative attitude, the outwardly kind housewife begins poisoning his food. Later when the husband is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, the prospect of facing death has a profound effect on both him and his long-suffering spouse.


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